I started a Raw Food shop last year to express my ability to make food, turn others on to Living Live Food and create a $10 lunch in Byron Bay and also because there was nothing offering raw food that was organic, interesting and well priced. The food I make is constantly praised, which I appreciate and quiet frankly, would prefer the food spoke for itself, however in this small town, I have the reputation of being a bitch. How did this happen I wonder? It began when I got involved with people.

I am a bitch because I fire people who steal from me.
I am a bitch because I don't want to hire fantatics, divas, wannabes, lazy fucks and freaks.
I am a bitch because I won't give away my original recipes.

I am a bitch because I don't want to give away my food for free.
I am a bitch because I answer back when others are rude to me.
I am a bitch because sometimes I have ordered cooked food in a restaurant (no other places around here serve Raw and I like to go out)

I am a bitch because I opened in the first place when really everybody else had the idea first, right? and finally I am a bitch because it's none of my business what other's think of me and so I just don't care.

So, I have decided to live my truth and embrace my Bitch, and this site is my expression of this, along with Living Live Food lifestyle, recipes, opportunities, information and fun.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Merry Easter

Venus Chocolate:
MacaXtreme, Bee Pollen, Rose
Hey Groovers

Happy 5 days off! (hopefully)

After you overdose on 'regular' chocolate - go to our Living Live Raw Chocolate in the Alive and Wild online shop and get a real fix.

Better still, learn how to make it yourself with our upcoming class in the Alive and Wild kitchen in Byron Bay.
The class will be hands on, so it will be fun, informative and you will get to take home something you have created.
Go to www.aliveandwild.com classes and check it out.

Meanwhile, relax, tune in, turn on, drop out...

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  1. I am The Fussy Bitch (www.thefussybitch.com), one of Jon's patients and I am looking forward to meeting the Raw Bitch. I think we have much to discuss.Gotta love a woman that speaks her mind and won't settle for less than what she really wants!
    Christine Stoevelaar