I started a Raw Food shop last year to express my ability to make food, turn others on to Living Live Food and create a $10 lunch in Byron Bay and also because there was nothing offering raw food that was organic, interesting and well priced. The food I make is constantly praised, which I appreciate and quiet frankly, would prefer the food spoke for itself, however in this small town, I have the reputation of being a bitch. How did this happen I wonder? It began when I got involved with people.

I am a bitch because I fire people who steal from me.
I am a bitch because I don't want to hire fantatics, divas, wannabes, lazy fucks and freaks.
I am a bitch because I won't give away my original recipes.

I am a bitch because I don't want to give away my food for free.
I am a bitch because I answer back when others are rude to me.
I am a bitch because sometimes I have ordered cooked food in a restaurant (no other places around here serve Raw and I like to go out)

I am a bitch because I opened in the first place when really everybody else had the idea first, right? and finally I am a bitch because it's none of my business what other's think of me and so I just don't care.

So, I have decided to live my truth and embrace my Bitch, and this site is my expression of this, along with Living Live Food lifestyle, recipes, opportunities, information and fun.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Need to vent.

Have you noticed that when you don't follow someone else's agenda, you all of a sudden are a bitch?

Someone I know  is having a book he has written edited right now.  The editor keeps sending back the work with mistakes in it, spelling, grammer words etc - they even spelt his name incorrectly on the title page!

My friend has asked this editor to stop working as he is not happy with the work. He feels the least he should get back is something grammatically correct with no need to spellcheck, after all they are charging him for it.

All of a sudden, his character is called into question, he is abused - I mean people really need to get responsible for themselves and shut the fluck up.

Raw Bitch has vented, feeling better        Peace love and mung beans

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